Why sensory stimulation?

About tactile and kinestethic stimulation and the oxytocin hormone.

The oxytocin hormone is an anti-stress hormone, that is released by stimulating the tactile and the kinestethic senses.  The receptors in the skin are activated when being touched.

Stimulation of the senses leads to the brain via nerve pathways and release the oxytocin in the brain. The oxytocin hormone is often called the “hugging-hormone” or the “happiness-hormone”.


From a neurophysiological and a neuropsychological view, a whole series of positive things happens, when these senses are stimulated, please read below. Therefore, our weighted products contains weighted elements, that stimulates both the tactile and the kinestethic senses in combination.


Our weighted products are designed for different purposes. The weighted blankets always have two different sides, for different grades of stimulation. A soft, padded side for light kind of tactile stimulation and a less padded side for a stronger kind of stimulation to the tactile sense. The blanket itself comes in different weights and for both junior and senior sizes. Our range of products always have lots of possibilities, to fulfill the demand of any kind of end-users. Our Sens-Aid is designed for use in the sitting position, to be placed in any kind of chair and comes in different weights and sizes as well.


When stimulation the tactile and the kinestethic senses, you will among other things, experience that:

  • Body unrest is reduced
  • Reduction of fear and stress symptoms
  • Reduction of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Anxiety and worries are reduced
  • Reduction of aggressivity and anger
  • Learning- and concentration abilities are sharpened
  • The body relaxes
  • Falling asleep gets easier
  • The quality of sleep improves
  • Body awareness improves
  • Improvements of the blood circulation
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Reduced cholesterol and a that improve the heart health
  • Pulse drops
  • Gastrointestinal functions improves
  • The wound healing time is shortened
  • The experience of pain reduces, pain threshold increases
  • The immune system and the organism are strengthened
  • The creativity increases
  • Adjustment of the body temperature
  • Improvements in absorption of nutrient from the diet
  • Milk production by breastfeeding women is being stimulated
  • The feeling of trust and relations between people increases and improves
  • The feeling of peace and ease spreads in body and mind


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