Providing the healthcare professionals with innovative solutions

ZiboCare Denmark has a varied and professional product range within sensory stimulation and pressure relief products.
We offer solutions for hospitals, the care and the psychiatric sector, schools, institutions and private customers.





Creating value for people and businesses

At ZiboCare Denmark, we have several bottom lines.
We create value for patients and people with special needs.
We create value for the health sector through strong solutions.
We create value for your business as a distributor of ZiboCare Denmark.

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ZiboCare Denmark has been chosen as the supplier at SKI

We work every day for better well-being and a better working environment for citizens and care staff in the municipalities.

I At ZiboCare Denmark, we are proud to have been chosen as a supplier of recycled aids to SKI (Statens og Kommunernes Indkøbsservice) from 6 June 2020. We develop our aids with a focus on increasing well-being and well-being for users while we does not compromise on the work environment for caregivers and caregivers. Our goal is also to reduce the need for transport and our consumption of packaging, which helps to provide a better economy in the municipalities.


Vi har et stærkt produktprogram af sansestimulerende og trykaflastende hjælpemidler til hele sundhedssektoren.

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