Zibo Pius | Dynamic mattress

Zibo Pius

A uniquely comfortable pressure-relieving mattress

Zibo Pius is a mattress that combines the best features of a foam mattress and a dynamic mattress.

Challenge: People suffering from pain and restiveness may need a dynamic alternating pressure mattress but may find it difficult to use one because the active surface increases their levels of anxiety and pain. Zibo Pius is a quiet, comfortable mattress that helps reduce anxiety and pain while providing optimal prevention of pressure ulcers.

Benefits for the patient/user
•Foam layers above the air cells increase comfort
•Pain and restiveness are reduced
•Easier to mobilize in bed, and to get in and out of bed
•Reduced levels of medication
•Improved quality of life

Benefits foor heallthcare rofessionals
•Easy to displace the patient
•Long life span for both mattress and cover
•Easy to handle both in use and when washing and servicing
•The innovative pump makes it easy to integrate the mattress into the care routines
•Designed with a focus on hygiene

Unique for users with special needs

•Zibo Pius’ calm surface makes the mattress especially suitable for users with cancer, bone metastases,hip fractures, fragile body types, dementia, delirium,and high levels of sensitivity, pain and anxiety.

•Due to its calm surface and soft foam layer, themattress is comfortable to lie on and is especiallysuitable for users with the aforementioned issues.The mattress also prevents pressure ulcers, evenin high-risk cases, and is effective with pressureulcers in categories 1-4.