Zibo Combi Active | Dynamic matress

Comfort and flexibility – with or without a pump

ZiboCare has developed a new mattress that is the result of 12 years of experience. Introducing the Combi Active Hybrid mattress.

This mattress was developed to address the needs of the broadest possible target group using only the highest quality components and with features focusing on recycling and a better economy for both municipalities and hospitals. For the less mobile and more vulnerable users, a pump can be connected for extra pressure relief using alternating pressure levels.

Clinical features:

Optimal pressure distribution and pressure reliefwith multiple treatment options. Reduces heat andmoisture. Built-in heel function. Transverse air cellsprovide maximum stability and comfort.

The Combi Active is ideal for:

The treatment of category 1-4 pressure injuries.Prevention for high-risk users, users who cannot /will not reposition themselves, pain users experiencing high levels of pain, sensitive users, peoplesuffering from dementia.