Zibo Basis | Foammattress


Especially developed and designed for the preventive care. Suitable for patients at high-risk for developing pressure ulcers, and patients with pressure ulcer degree 0 – 3. A comfortable, relieving and user-friendly mattress.

Material and design

The base of high elastic foam secures the needed stability when mobilizing the patient. In combination with the top layer of pressure relief viscoelastic/Memory foam, the mattress combines high quality and comfort for the preventive care. The heat and the pressure from the patient’s body makes the foam adapt and expand to the body shape, and the contour of the body is shaped in the mattress. This way the patient will not feel resistance form the mattress, but support and stability without pressure. Head- and foot end are identical and therefore the mattress can be turned.

Moisture drainage and ventilating

The Basis mattress has a high quality Oeko-tex certified PU cover with a high degree of breathability – more than 800 g/m2 /24 timer. This ensure that heat and moist are transported out and away from the mattress. The open celled foam also contributes to good ventilating.

Friction and sliding pressure (shear)

At the inside the foam is lined with a thin textile tricot that enables the cover to slice smooth and easy over the foam. This way it is the cover that moves f.ec. when using the functions of the bed, and not the patient skin that is being dragged in. Furthermore, the cover has a special suitable surface to prevent shear.

Easy handling:

2 reinforced handles in each side of the matrasses, zipper in 3 sides of the cover together with the fabric-covered foam center makes handling of the mattress practical, smooth and easy.