Multifunctional weighted blanket



Weighted blanket, creates calmness motorically and mentally.

The Sens-Aid is an innovative, multi-functional sensory stimulating blanket with weighted wings, that wraps the body – creating an environment of calmness and well-being. The Sens-Aid is a fast working, easy-to-use-aid, that delivers noticeable effect, positive energy and peace in body and mind.

The Sens-Aid alleviates physical and mental disorders like stress, anxiety, restlessness, concentration hassle, neurological and cognitive dysfunctions and involuntary movements.

Stimulates the tactile sense:

The weight of the 6 heavy wings stimulates the body’s tactile and kinestethic senses. It releases the oxytoxin hormone (“the feel-good hormone”). Providing quick and noticeable wellness and tranquility for the user.

Helps many target groups:

The Sens-Aid is usedfor all ages; in schools, nursing homes, hospitals,institutions, common rooms and in privatehomes.


Easy and intuitive to use.To be used in all kinds of seating positions:sofas, recliners, in the car or wheelchair and inschool chairs. Easy to carry, quick to fold outand use.Gives the user a “time-out” by themself, toreload and reset the head, without necessarilyhaving to leave the social companionship.

Danish design:

Aesthetic and practical design.Available in different variants for junior andsenior, in three different weights.