Neurology Clinic uses weighted blankets

Weighted blankets used as a calming aid among patients with neurological disorders.

For a year the Clinic for Occupational and Physiotherapy Apoplexia/Stroke department, Neurologic Clinic, Rigshospitalet Glostrup and VihTek has cooperated in testing and implementing the weighted blanket, as a solution to reduce the impact of neurological disorders.

For the patients who finds the weighted blanket comfortable and convenient, the experience has been, that they find more sedation, they fall asleep faster and get longer periods of sleep, which is a more  undisturbed kind of sleep. However, it is not all patients that finds the heavy blanket comfortable, but among those who does, this is a typical result.

The weighted blanket is now fully implemented at the hospital and is included as one of several calming aids for patients in the Neurologic Clinic.

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