Immediate impact and persuasive effect

Municipal of Esbjerg:

Success with Sens-Aid in the Psychiatry treatment

In the Municipality of Esbjerg, the local psychiatric clinic for outpatients, uses sensory stimulation products with success, for patients with mental disorders.


“We have several patients with very heavy mental disorders, limiting them in a severe degree in their daily life. We know the effect of sensory stimulation and use the weighted blanket, Sens-Aid, in our daily practice for people with mental and motoric unrest and anxiety symptoms, across diagnoses.

The experiences among our patients are, that this weighted blanket with heavy wings that wraps their body, physically defines them, eases their minds and increases their feeling of their own body.

Sitting with Sens-Aid in any kind of chair, reduces the brain arousal level and makes it easier for the patient to take part in therapeutic conversations.

Sens-Aid has immediate impact and the effect is persuasive

Our patients have pronounced, that the Sens-Aid gives them a feeling of security, safetyness and peace in mind and creates an anxiolytics impact. Most of the patients experience increased well-being.


Here we also use Sens-Aid as an introduction to the sensory integration treatment, both for the patients, the students and our staff. In this way, everyone gets experience with the impact of the Sens-Aid, by testing the blanket and gets knowledge about how Sens-Aid and sensory stimulation can be used, as a supplement to our more traditional treatments. Furthermore, it is completely without side effects.


We imagine, that in future, we will use Sens-Aid both in an ordinary chair, but we also hope that it will be possible to test Sens-Aid in a classic rocking-chair. We also expect to use the possibilities of Sens-Aid for lying grounding”.


Bodil Ina Nygaard-Hansen and Lene Panduro
Occupational therapists at the Local Psychiatry, Esbjerg Municipally