Girl with ADHD got more balance in her everyday life.

Falling asleep faster, and more restful nights.

The weighted blanket contributes to help falling asleep faster and to achieve more restful nights. The result is more balance and joy in the everyday life.


My daughter was 10 years old, when we started using a 6 kg. weighted blanket from ZiboCare and by now she has used it for a year.

We have tried other sensory stimulation products, but the weighted blanket is far the easiest to use; it takes less space, it’s handy for her and for us and is easier to transport, if she has a sleep over.

For her entire life, she has needed me to sit next to her at bedtime, holding her hand and preferably laying next to her, holding her. When we got the weighted blanket, it didn’t take long to get use to it, only e few days and then the effect gradually occurred.

She fell asleep within half an hour. Usually she could lay for 2 and 3 hours, even though I was sitting next to her. The weighted blanket gave her a feeling of security, she did not felt the same need for me to sit next to her at bedtime.

The outcome of using the weighted blanket, is a better sleeping daughter, more calm and restful nights and a girl, who feels and behaves more balanced, fresh and happy during the day.


It has had a positive impact on the whole family, because joy and balance spreads, especially in the mornings, when you are ready, awake and fully rested, – but also the facts, that we profit with more adult time in the evenings.


“The impact of the weighted blankets is an incredibly experience. My daughter and I give our warmest recommendations for others to try it!”