People with dementia are testing weighted products.

DemensHjørnet, Aarhus

DemensHjørnet experiences positive effects with weighted products


In the heart of Aarhus, you will find DemensHjørnet, where people with dementia, their relatives and network find counseling, guidance, community, training and rehabilitation.


Physiotherapist Malin Amdrup-Simonsen is one of the specialists in the Training unit team, where she uses sensory stimulating aids from ZiboCare in her daily activities with the older citizens with dementia diagnosis.

ZiboCares small weighted blanket at 4 kg. is here used together with the weighted collar at 2 kg., according justed to the need of the citizen and the intuition of the staff. Mostly the citizens are sitting with the weighted blanket for app. ½ hour at a time.

When the weighted blanket and the collar is used, we clearly see that it calms down the restless citizens, who are often anxious and with a nervous behavior, wandering around, restless and a bit anxious.


In addition, we also experience a deduction of non-voluntary movements, when we use these sensory stimulating aids among the people here at DemensHjørnet.


Weighted blankets stimulates the muscle-joint sense (proprioceptive sense) and the tactile sense.

An impact, that also for people with dementia, increases the feeling of their own body.

Often the course to anxiety and fear, comes from the insecurity by abnormal sensory perception.

Therefore, the tactile sensory stimuli contribute to create security, comfort and less anxiety.