Unfortunately, this product is not CE marked, and therefore CANNOT be sold in the EU and UK.


Kikuhime measuring device is easy to use and gives remarkably accurate results.


The Kikuhime pressure measuring device from TT Meditrade has for many years been the preferred choice for nurses and doctors at clinics and hospitals as well as within home care. The pressure measuring device is a practical tool that makes it easy to ensure a correct pressure when applying or checking compression bandages and elastic stockings.

Using the Kikuhime pressure measuring device
The Kikuhime pressure measuring device can be used for training, evaluation of technology, research, and patient monitoring. By using the included Easy Guides, the sensor can be easily removed when the correct pressure is achieved, without damaging or removing the bandage. Although the sensor is primarily intended for measuring sub-bandage pressure (small sensor), the Kikuhime pressure measuring device can be used for a number of other pressure-related checks, e.g., determining of sacrum pressure (large sensor).
The Kikuhime pressure measuring device can be used with two sensors, which make it possible to measure the pressure at different points under the compression bandage.

The Kikuhime kit contains:
1 Kikuhime pressure measuring device
2 sensors (small and large)
1 screwdriver for calibration
2 Easy Glides
1 Storage bag

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Unfortunately, this product is not CE marked, and therefore CANNOT be sold in the EU and UK.

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A helping hand to ensure correct compression

Accurate pressure measurements
The display shows the pressure measurement with +/- 8 mmHg accuracy to ensure proper compression bandaging.
It optimises both treatment and staff resources.
Easy and user-friendly operation
The measuring device is operated simply and easily using the two buttons. The hold button can be used to freeze the measuring result in the display.

Measurement without destroying the bandages

By using and pulling on the supplied Easy Glide and the plastic tube, you can easily remove the sensors without damaging the bandage or the pressure sensors once the measurement is done.

Multi-purpose pressure sensors

Supplied with two sensors – one large and one small. The small sensor is particularly suitable for measuring pressure around the malleolus.
Scope of application (small sensor)
Measurement of sub-bandage pressure under compression bandages and elastic stockings – including:

• Checking of sub-bandage pressure and verification of different sub-bandage pressure on and behind the malleolus.
• Checking pressure under elastic stockings – e.g., during follow-up visits/aftercare.

Scope of application (large sensor)
Reading and checking the interface pressure between their mattress or cushion, among other things:

• Checking the sitting position of a patient – with and without pressure-relieving aid.
• Checking of interface pressure at different positioning methods – e.g., 30 or 90 degrees on the hip.

Guide for use