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The O-Zone Chain Duvet is used for sleep problems in people of all ages. The chain duvet is used as an ordinary duvet, in an regular duvet cover.

Anyone can have sleep problems, and the vast majority of people will at some point in their lives experience challenges with sleeping well. Some will experience it for a shorter period, while others may have problems life long.

Sleep problems are among the most bothersome issues within the general population and are a significant cause of poor well-being and stress symptoms.
In the worst case, challenges with sleep can lead to a need for medication that can cause both physical and psychological side effects.

The O-Zone Chain Duvet can help with sleep problems in people suffering from: ADHD, autism, dementia, anxiety, inner turmoil, excessive thoughts or PTSD.

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“When I went to bed at night and put the duvet over me, my thoughts immediately drifted back to my childhood. Back to the time when I would sleepover at my grandmother’s and was tucked under her duvet so that I could hardly move. It was relaxing and gave me a feeling of comfort and safety, which would make me fall asleep immediately”

Charlotte, who LOVES her chain duvet


The weight of the duvet helps to calm your body and mind.

Sensory stimulation

The chain rings sewn into the duvet provide tactile sensory stimulation


The duvet can be washed in a regular washing machine on a gentle cycle

What is an O-Zone Chain Duvet?

A chain duvet is a non-pharmacological aid designed to help relieve sleep problems in people of all ages.

The name comes from the small chain rings sewn into the duvet. The chains are evenly spaced throughout the duvet and are securely sewn into small squares. The chains have a special coating that muffles the sound of the chains, so they do not make noise when the duvet is used.

The O-zone chain duvet has two sides

The one side is padded, where the chains cannot be felt as noticeably.

On the other side, there is less padding and the chains are more easily felt.

If you want padding on both sides of the chain duvet, we recommend O-Zone Chain Duvet | Sensitive.

Padded side

Can be easily identified by the O-stitching

Unpadded side

The chains are felt more clearly

How does an an O-Zone Chain Duvet work?

The chain duvet works in several ways:
One part is through the weight of the duvet. The weight makes the duvet rest close to the body, providing a hugging sensation. This means that the user of the duvet begins to secrete the hormone oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone”. When the body secretes oxytocin, it gives you a feeling of well-being and security, and helps you fall asleep more easily and sleep more soundly.

The second part of the chain duvet’s effect is sensory stimulation. Although the small chain rings are sewn into the chain duvet, they still able to move inside the duvet. As the chains move, they simultaneously touch the user in changing ways, which can be compared to a light massage. The changing sensations provide a sense of security to users, and it helps them fall asleep easily with deeper sleep.

Further information



  • The duvet should always be washed in the washing bag provided


  • • O-Zone Chain Duvet must not be washed at more than 60°C – Choose a gentle cycle
  • Duvets with zips can be divided before washing (8, 10, 12 and 14 kg)
  • Not resistant to bleach
  • Dry cleaning: liquids stronger than perchloroethylene must not be used
  • Do not iron
  • Do not tumble dry